Telling an Italian

tomato story

There are worlds in Italy coloured in red. Like the long lots of tomato fields. Like the force of a volcano called Vesuvius. Like the passion of Italians for food and good living.

Mariano Pepe, from Campania, is proud of his red earth, because it reminds him of his childhood, the games on the fields and pasta with freshly picked tomatoes. The red reminds him the peasant world in which he was a member and who was a mark of quality in his company. IMCA was born in the ’60s in Pagani, where the red gold of the South is the undisputed king of Italian cuisine. Transforming the Italian tomato and spread it around the world has been the dream of Mariano Pepe. And he succeeded. For more than 60 years after its birth, IMCA is one of the top Italian tomato processing companies known abroad. Today, it has grown and expanded with a production area of ​​over 35,000 square meters covered and used in processing and storage. During that time many things have changed, new technologies, new equipment, new products have appeared, but one thing has remained the same: the intensity of the authentic Italian red tomato. A freshness that comes from the fields on tables all over the world. Because, and we are proud of it, all products are made by IMCA from fresh and each, absolutely each product is collected and produced in Italy.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? Said the tomato to the vegetables, and immediately a passion fruit appeared.

But how wrong it is as the succulence of its flesh, the freshness of the skin, its sweet and light taste of its sauce and the desire that you have every time you find in the stacks red tomatoes are irresistible. It has the colour of passion, of love, of Italy. Hard to say no to the Italian tomato. Because it’s different, it’s unique. It is because of the climate, the sun, the people. Is it because in Italy one eats well and lives longer. It is because we love what is fresh and natural. Or for that sense of belonging to an ancient and gourmet culture. To obtain quality peeled tomatoes and chopped tomatoes, we choose and are looking for the best Italian tomatoes: from the South to the North, from the fields under Vesuvius to those of the Po Valley, from Puglia to Calabria. All our products are processed from fresh and verified with the utmost care regarding all the norms of protection of quality and health, to bring the sweetness of true Italian tomatoes on the table. Because, let’s say to get down to basics, the secret of a good tomato sauce is the Italian tomato.

Quality above all. We believe in the quality of good products and in particular in the Italian tomatoes.

We do not say this. So say the people who daily consume our pulp, peeled tomatoes and tomato sauces. We only use Italian tomatoes, respecting the seasonality of products and checking that the fruits have not been damaged during harvesting. For better performance, we eliminate the fruits which do not meet the standards of production and with optical selectors we establish the right level for the ripening of the tomato. We work in full compliance with regulations for consumer safety. Our company is certified ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004. It meets all the highest international production standards BRC and IFS including organic and kosher.


IMCA Spa pride itself with a costant presence on the market for several decades. At IMCA Spa we are conscious of the kind of impact we are having on all aspects of society including economic, social, and environmental. To engage in CSR means that, in the normal course of business, our company is operating in ways that enhance society and the environment, instead of contributing negatively to them and aiming at bettering the working conditions of the people and enahce the respect of their dignity and freedom.

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